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Playcet is your sports betting and gambling platform!

We have an extensive catalog of games for you to enjoy wherever and whenever you want. Playcet offers you a platform with sports betting, slot games, roulette, live casino and egames so that you feel like playing in our rooms.

Have fun with Playcet, it's easy and safe.

Playcet, is the gaming platform of the Province of Córdoba, with the highest levels of quality, transparency and security, backed by the license granted by Lottery of Córdoba.

Playcet, Committed to responsible gaming

Playcet's commitment is comprehensive, we comply with strict regulations of regulators and responsible gambling, counting and making tools available to the user, in coordination with current legal regulations, in search of avoiding the development of a problematic relationship with gambling.

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Maximum profit is per multi bet. Please remove some single bets.

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Odd multi bet
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Potential winnings:
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